Team CALICO Runner Kit Davison

Posted 2/17/15

Kit Davison“I hate running.” That’s what Kit Davison thought for years. She didn’t consider herself a runner.  But Kit has other passions – she loves traveling, hiking, being craftsy, and she cares about children.  

When Kit first heard about CALICO while studying criminal justice at Cal State East Bay, she was inspired to get involved.  As a lover of crafting, Kit started making colorful, fleece blankets she donated to CALICO.  After joining the Junior League of Oakland-East Bay, Kit coordinated with league members to host blanket-making parties for CALICO. It was the perfect way to put her hobby to use helping children.

In 2011, Kit learned that CALICO was recruiting a team for the Oakland Running Festival. She welcomed the chance to get more involved with CALICO, but she had a problem. Kit still hated running. Motivated by a desire to do her best to support CALICO, Kit started to see the Oakland Running Festival as an opportunity to not only help CALICO, but to make fitness more of a focus in her life.

Since Kit’s dislike of running was strong, she knew she needed motivation to improve and to somehow learn to enjoy it.  She took that first step and signed up to run a 5K with Team CALICO.  In Kit’s mind, “I figured it was a small goal that I could work towards and raise money.”  She thought that joining a team and setting a goal would help keep her accountable.  Her plan worked. In 2011, Kit was delighted to finish her first 5K race and raise money for CALICO at the same time, an organization she cared deeply about. Her success didn’t end there.  Kit has continued to run -- another 5K with Team CALICO, and in 2014 she surprised her old self by completing her first half marathon. 

After an injury forced Kit to take a break from running, she is back on Team CALICO for the 2015 Oakland Running Festival. As she shared, “I love everything about CALICO and want to contribute… Joining the team helps me to reconnect with CALICO, helps to raise awareness, and motivates me to get back in to [running].” CALICO is delighted to have the chance to cheer Kit “the runner” Davison on as she completes another half marathon this March. We’re grateful she has found her passion in running and yet another way to help children.

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