Pinwheels for Prevention

Posted 4/05/16

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, a month recognized as a time for communities to come together and promote healthy children and families and end child abuse.  Every year CALICO takes this month to honor the dedicated multi-disciplinary team members who have joined us in the effort to keep children safe and healthy throughout Alameda County.  We also want to take this time to recognize all of the brave families who come to CALICO and worked with our partners to achieve the safe and healthy lives they deserve. 

This year CALICO will be joining the national Pinwheels for Prevention Campaign. This campaign was launched in 2008 by Prevent Child Abuse America; an organization dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect and laying the groundwork for great childhoods. The pinwheel, a symbol of childhood whimsy, represents the healthy and happy childhood that every child deserves.  

We, at CALICO, are very excited to be joining this campaign. We strive to not only provide a safe space for the forensic interview, but we also provide support to the whole family so that everyone can heal and move on to a happier life.  This year keep an eye out for the 55 pinwheels in front of CALICO. In 2015, CALICO provided service to over 555 families and each pinwheel will represent 10 families.   We are also providing pinwheel coloring sheets for the children who visit CALICO and will be asking our partners, throughout the month, to take pictures with pinwheels in recognition of the healthy childhoods we are striving to create. 

Like our Facebook page to see pictures of the pinwheels throughout the month and learn more about our activities in Child Abuse Prevention Month.    

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