Have you ever been curious about the CALICO Board of Directors?

Posted 6/21/16

In addition to the fabulous staff, CALICO achieves its mission of justice and healing for abused children with help from its Board of Directors. Who are these board members? Why do they do what they do? Why did they choose this board specifically?

The current board members are a diverse crew - from different countries, different industries and different walks of life. Yet they work cohesively, via a number of sub-committees, to fundraise, share CALICO’s good work, organize events, manage the financials, and recruit new board members. Some found out about the board via Board Match, an event that matches prospective board members with organizations they may want to serve, and others were referred by existing board members.

We asked a few board members why they joined the CALICO Board of Directors:

Shantal - “I'm exposed to child abuse through my day job. I help get the bad guys to prevent further abuse but I wanted to do more to help with prevention and help support the victims, so when I heard about CALICO it was an easy choice to sign up for the board.”

Leslie - “Knowing that fundraising is a part of any board service, I wanted to find an organization that I would be proud to introduce to my network and worthy of their donations. Board service has been more rewarding than I could have imagined. This is a high-impact way to support CALICO, an organization that does so much to protect kids in our community.”

Anoop - “I worked with an existing board member and I knew he picked good causes, so when he asked me to join the board, I did. Also, child issues are at the core of my heart. I volunteer my time with foster kids and child abuse issues are relevant in the foster system. CALICO provides a valuable service to such kids.”

Kerry - “Getting to be part of the big picture when it comes to healing and justice for child victims of abuse is why I’m on the board. CALICO plays a huge role in the prosecution of perpetrators and helps provide justice to children by providing a safe space for them to tell their story. It’s a no-brainer for me to support such an incredible organization and staff, and help bring it more recognition and community advocacy.”

Cathryn - “Getting to fundraise for such a worthwhile organization allows me to do something positive in my community, even though I’m not on the frontlines like the CALICO staff. Seeing what they do each day to help kids, motivates me to do as much as I can to help them.”

Jhale - “I had worked as a child advocacy lawyer and really missed child advocacy work. Another board member raved about her service on the board, so I attended a CALICO Crush event and ended up joining. I strongly support the work CALICO does to bring law enforcement and DAs together.  Getting everyone to coordinate efforts is really key and helps minimize the trauma to the child.”

If any of this inspires you to learn more about serving on the CALICO board, please click here, to get more details.


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