From Armchair Donor to CALICO Board Member: You can do it too!

Posted 12/21/16

by Hari Harikrishnan, CALICO Board Member

Recently, I joined an exclusive group of individuals committed to the cause of abused children when I joined the board of directors of CALICO. I had been passively involved with several non-profits over the last decade, mostly donating when Santa came calling or when the tax man beckoned at year end. This year I decided to push myself beyond my passiveness. As I looked around for a cause and an organization, I came across the wonderful people at CALICO, who have been around for 20 years in service of abused children and their families in the Bay Area. 

A tour of CALICO's facility with Executive Director Hillery Gladden, brought home the reality of the toll that abuse takes on children and their families and consequently to our communities. How CALICO collaborates with law enforcement organizations and cities to bring healing and justice to children was eye-opening, as well as moving. Off I went talking to more people at CALICO and found board members and staff from varying backgrounds giving more than their money to this cause. They had moved beyond being passive. I was sold.

We at CALICO thank you for your generous support of CALICO over the years whether you are a donor or an active volunteer - or both! We would love for you to get engaged more actively in helping the community with your volunteering efforts. There are still a few board seats open for us to fill in 2017. As you consider your new year’s priorities, we want you to consider active participation in the CALICO board as one of your giving and volunteering priorities. The impact that it will have on the children and our community, not to mention your own exposure to a new world, is significant. Wishing you a happy holiday season and a great 2017!


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