State Corner: Working for the Future

Posted 8/24/17

Children’s Advocacy Centers of California (CACC), CALICO’s state program, has been very busy this month! In July CACC held meetings in Martinez, Visalia, and San Bernardino that brought together child abuse professionals from throughout the state. These regional meetings are essential to building a sense of community for those working at children’s advocacy centers. The meetings also provide an opportunity to share knowledge, learn new ways to improve practices, and work to find solutions to many of the challenges that children’s advocacy centers face.   

At the home base CACC has been working to administer grants from the National Children’s Alliance. This money supports centers abilities to cover facility costs, pay staff, and get important training.  CACC has also been advocating for new forms of state funding and exploring options for sharing data among centers throughout California.

At the center of of this work is the belief that all children who have been hurt deserve the best possible intervention and treatment. Our mission is to ensure that every child in California has access to the high quality services children’s advocacy centers provide no matter where they live.  

Stay tuned to for more developments from CACC! Want to learn more about CACC? Check out their website

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