Snapshot of Success - Teen Donates to CALICO for an Inspiring Reason

P.A.T.C.H Club stuffed animal driveEvery CALICO supporter is a member of a group of dedicated individuals determined to help abused children receive the justice and healing they deserve. From monetary donations to volunteer hours, and everything in between, CALICO’s supporters help to ensure that we have the resources to help every child and family referred to us. So when Ally, a junior at a local high school, reached out to help CALICO we were thrilled to include her in our community of supporters.  

Ally told us that she had founded an organization called “P.A.T.C.H. Club” (Plushies Aimed to Comfort Hearts).  The group’s mission is to raise awareness about children in crisis and help those who have experienced trauma. One of the ways the group does this is through hosting stuffed animal drives. Ally chose CALICO to receive the donations from the club’s first drive.

Everyone at CALICO was grateful for Ally’s donation and impressed by her organization. However, when we learned what had inspired her to create P.A.T.C.H Club we were all deeply moved. She recounted her amazing story,

"The reason why I had a passion and desire to start this club was because, nine years ago, I was a victim of sexual abuse. After I disclosed the abuse I suffered to my parents and to law enforcement, I was brought to CALICO. I will always remember how kind and gentle the workers were to me during that very traumatic and difficult time in my life. I especially remember the stuffed green rabbit that CALICO gave to me at the end of my visit. I know firsthand how great an impact that seemingly small act of kindness can have on a child. The stuffed animal helped provide me with the sense of security and comfort I needed to recover. Now, I want to give back and provide other abused children with the same love and kindness that was given to me."

In their first stuffed animal drive, P.A.T.C.H. Club raised over 100 stuffed animals!  They also went above and beyond by coming in and volunteering to help address envelopes for CALICO’s annual holiday mailing.

At CALICO we work every day to help place abused children on the path to justice and healing.  When Ally came back to CALICO as a strong young woman with the purpose of helping others, we were heartened and grateful.  Her resilience and generosity reminds us all why we do the tough work we do and why we ask the community to support us.  We are grateful to have been a positive part of her journey to recovery and honored to share her story with you.  


                                                 P.A.T.C.H Club at CALICO

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Snapshot of Success - Teen Donates to CALICO for an Inspiring Reason

When Ally, a junior at a local high school, reached out to CALICO to donate stuffed animals we were grateful. However, when we learned what had inspired her generosity we were deeply moved.

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