With Calico

Reported Abuse Case

Abuse incidents are reported to law enforcement or child welfare workers, who coordinate with CALICO to set up an interview. District attorneys can also request interviews.

CALICO Child and Family Experts

A child interview specialist meets with the child to ask non-leading questions in a comfortable setting while other team members observe from another room. A family resource specialist meets with the parents or caregivers to provide guidance, support and referrals for community-based services.


Law enforcement officers investigate child-abuse allegations to ensure the safety of children. Detectives bring children to CALICO in order to observe the interview and confer with other experts on site. They rely on the child's testimony to determine if a crime occurred and if an arrest needs to be made.

District Attorney

A district attorney liaison, a member of the Vertical Sexual Assault Prosecution Team that prosecutes crimes against children, observes the interviews. District attorneys rely on legally defensible statements obtained from children at CALICO to successfully prosecute their cases.


Based on information children reveal in their interview, CALICO assists in coordinating medical exams as appropriate. Pediatricians and nurses conduct medical examinations to assess a child's well-being and collect physical and biological evidence vital to prosecution of the offender and treatment of the child.

Child Welfare

To ensure children are safe at home, child welfare workers investigate reports of abuse and neglect of children. Child welfare workers rely on CALICO interviews and coordination with other experts to determine whether to remove a child from the home and if so, the best placement.


CALICO achieves justice by bringing together law enforcement officers, child welfare workers, prosecutors, and other professionals to investigate abuse allegations and elicit testimony from children. CALICO's family support team coordinates with victim advocates to sensitively steer families through the criminal-justice system and provide support at every stage of the legal process.


CALICO promotes healing for victims by coordinating the first and most crucial stages of recovery. Our skilled clinicians offer guidance, resources and support to help the entire family along the path to physical and mental health and well-being.


With CALICO at the center of child-abuse investigations, professionals work together from the moment a report of abuse is made, with the needs of children at the forefront of their collaborative investigation. CALICO provides a safe place for the child to answer questions a single time from someone with specialized training to talk to children about abuse. The family also receives timely support, guidance and referrals to services. This multi-disciplinary team approach puts the priority on the safety and recovery of children and their families.

Without Calico

Without CALICO

Without CALICO's involvement in child-abuse investigations, children answer questions about their abuse in unnerving settings and do so multiple times. This repetition can re-traumatize children, and each unskilled interview can result in confusing testimony that makes prosecution difficult. Meanwhile, insufficient coordination among professionals leads to children's needs not being fully met and families not receiving services necessary to the healing process.