State Coordinator Testifies on Child Abuse Bill

For a child, telling someone that he or she has been abused, especially sexually abused, can be one of the hardest, scariest moments in life. To help provide more resources, CALICO’s State Coordinator, Erin Harper, spoke in support of a bill that would help give children tools to disclose abuse. (read more)

Have you ever been curious about the CALICO Board of Directors?

In addition to the fabulous staff, CALICO achieves its mission of justice and healing for abused children with help from its board. Who are these board members? Why do they do what they do? Why did they choose this board specifically?
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CALICO Gets a New Mural

CALICO is excited to unveil a brand new mural! Painted by high school senior, Caroline James, the mural is a beautiful addition to office.

Click below to read more about the mural.

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Pinwheels for Prevention

April is Child Abuse Prevention month! This year, in celebration of Child Abuse Prevention month, CALICO will be joining the national Pinwheels for Prevention Campaign. This campaign promotes the healthy and great childhoods every child deserves.
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